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Dr. Mike Nevius is a chiropractor in private family practice in the Carson Valley who specializes in family chiropractic care in Minden, Gardnerville, Genoa and the surrounding Northern Nevada communities. For the past 30 years he has dedicated his life to the study, pursuit and application of choosing healthWith an interest in sports medicine, he graduated from U.C. Davis, chose to become a chiropractor, and has practiced chiropractic in California since 1994.

He recently relocated to the Carson Valley to practice with his father-in-law, Dr. Don Miner who has an established practice in Gardnerville since 1980.  Together, our office can help you overcome injuries and conditions that slow you down and help you choose health!


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Our Services

Chiropractic care for families...from newborns to grandparents. We specialize in restoring optimal nervous system function to overcome health problems. Focusing on the cause of the problem instead of merely treating symptoms helps patients overcome health issues and correct problems instead of covering them.

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What Is a Chiropractic?

Performing care to the spine care focuses on removing the cause of impaired health and restoring the body's innate ability to heal so people can live normal healthy lives.

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Weekly Health Disciplines

In an effort to help you heal and perform optimally outside the office setting, we aspire to give healthy recommendations you can apply at home. 

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We believe...

We were designed to be healthy from birth to adulthood.  Environments, traumas, toxins can affect our health.  When we can't adapt effectively to change, illness happens.  Find out how we can help you.

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A Top 10 Service

"Since I've incorporated regular exercise, good nutrition and  chiropractic care to my life, I feel great and I'm skiing better than ever!" ~ Mike (age 52)


"Chiropractic is not designed to make you instantly feel better, it is designed to make you instantly heal better."

— Mohotmama Kelly Nevius